Industrial Control and Factory Automation Market by Technology, Component, Industry – Global Forecast to 2021

Industrial control and factory automation has gains the ability to delivers significant business benefits as well as operational efficiency. As it gives the overall control to the manufacturers to track, monitor and control everything inside a plant, right from the process when the raw materials and goods are brought to the manufacturing site, to the time they leave as finished products. This benefit is evident in the form of increased quality and productivity across the manufacturing unit.

Industrial control and factory automation field has revolutionized the existing solutions based on the very holistic integration of field devices, control systems as well as an enterprise software. In the technologies specific like MES and PLM, the trend is sharply increasing, through mixing of different manufacturing software. This integration will foster innovation and better planning by involving floor level operators in decision making processes.

General Electric, Siemens AG, Schneider and Electric Co. Ltd., Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. and Chevron Energy, SunPower Corp.  are some of the major manufacturers involved in the Industrial control and factory automation across regions.   

This market research report explains current market for Industrial control and factory automation in terms of value and units. The report also highlights the major drivers and challenges, market share for major companies, including their profiles related to distributed energy generation market.

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