Coated Flat Glass: Technologies and Global Markets

The global market for coated flat glass has been growing at an annual rate of 5.8% commensurate with the end user applications. The flat glass demand to use in residential and commercial buildings, infrastructure developments and retrofitting construction are in huge, where the trend to coat the flat glass to enhance its aesthetics, endurance and other functional properties, the market for coated flat glass is also growing at the same pace. Though the adverse economic conditions had affected many end-user industries of coated flat glass, but, with recovery in economic conditions and with increase in per capita income, the market is now stable and growing substantially. New developments in the glass coating technologies have ensued to lessen the global energy consumption, mainly from architectural buildings and automotive sectors with less CO2 emissions.

Coated flat glasses market has been assessed on types, technologies involved in manufacturing, end user application and by regions. Coated flat glass is majorly three types which are Low-E glass, solar control glass and self-cleaning glass and based on the coating technologies: pyrolytic coatings; magnetron sputtering coatings; sol-gel coatings and other coatings,

A glass is coated to enhance its aesthetic appearance and inculcate advanced properties to resist scratch and corrosion. A coated flat glass has unique properties of transmission/reflection/absorption for solar protection regulating energy consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Glasses are surface coated to enhance its appearance and to provide many of the unique advanced properties of glass products such as reflection/transmission/absorption properties, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance and low maintenance. Coating technology is used to produce a variety of coated flat glass products like Low-E glass, solar control glass, anti-reflective glass, self-cleaning glass and others.

The global market for coated flat glass is growing mainly in Europe and North America due to the stringent rules, regulations and building codes. In addition, the refurbishment of old buildings in these regions offers a huge opportunity for the coated flat glass market, mainly for both hard and soft Low-E glass, with high insulating and solar control properties. Though, in the longer-term, the developing countries, including India, China, Indonesia, and Middle East countries, are expected to create many prospects for the coated flat glass market. 

Saint-Gobain, AGC Glass, NSG, Central Glass, Taiwan Glass, Trakya Cam, Guardian and Xinyi are the major global manufacturers of coated flat glass.

This report also highpoints the suppliers landscape with a focus on major companies with profiles and SWOT analysis in detail. 

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