Activated Carbon Market Size To Reach $5.1 Billion By 2021

The global market for activated carbon has been growing at a considerable rate with water treatment, air and gas filtration, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and automotive end-user industries over the past five-years. The market for activated carbon used in air and gas treatment applications is expected to grow at a faster rate due to tightening government regulations. The Asia-Pacific region dominates the activated carbon market globally followed by North America and Europe. The opportunities for regeneration of activated carbon are further driving the activated carbon market worldwide.

To assess the market, activated carbon is divided into three major types – powdered activated carbon (PAC), granular activated carbon (GAC) and other activated carbon such as extruded activated carbon (EAC) or palletized activated carbon, beaded activated carbon, polymer activated carbon, activated carbon fiber and honeycomb activated carbon. Activated carbon is a type of adsorbent made from coconut shells, coal, peat, sand, bamboo and wood. Activated carbons manufactured from coconut shells are mainly in powdered and granular forms, while those from coal are commonly in powdered, granular and extruded forms and those manufactured from wood are majorly powdered form. Activated carbon has a porous structure with a wide surface area where all contaminants are adsorbed Application of activated carbons in various industries to reduce the level of contaminants and impurities as well as to meet the regulatory standards for pure air and water is driving the global market for activated carbon.

Calgon Carbon Corp., Cabot Corp., Haycarb PLC, Ingevity Corp., Osaka Gas Co. Ltd., Kuraray Co. Ltd. and Evoqua Water Technologies LLC are some of the major manufacturers of activated carbon globally.

ADA Carbon Solutions LLC, Albemarle Corp., Carbotech AC GMBH, Indo German Carbons Ltd., Kureha Corp., Ningxia Huahui Activated Carbon Co. Ltd. and Oxbow Corp. are the other key participants in the activated carbon market.

This report also highlights the major drivers and challenges related to activated carbon and also focus on the market share for major companies, including their profiles.

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